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News and updates

Ownership and protection

About IP Copyright Ownership and protection
The person who created the works is usually the owner of any copyright unless the work is created in the course of employment or someone commissions and agrees to pay for it, in which case the rights will have been reassigned.

Finding copyright owners

About IP Copyright Finding copyright owners
If you wish to use a copyright work, you will need to contact the owner and request permission to use it.

International protection

About IP Copyright International protection
When your copyright is created with your original work in New Zealand, it is also recognised under the copyright laws of countries that have international agreements with New Zealand.

Plant variety rights

About IP Plant variety rights
A grant of plant variety rights for a new plant variety gives you the exclusive right to produce for sale and to sell propagating material of the variety.

Register IP that has a Māori element

About IP Māori IP Register IP that has a Māori element
In the marketplace, Māori culture presents unique branding opportunities and commercial benefits.

Search for existing trade marks

About IP Trade marks Search
Search for existing trade marks - this information is intended as a guide only. For legal advice we recommend that you contact a patent attorney or lawyer who is familiar with intellectual property law.

International trade marks

About IP Trade marks International
Taking your business overseas? Apply in over 100 participating countries with a single application.


About IP Trade marks Enforcing
Depending on the nature of the intellectual property right you own and the nature of the alleged infringement, various New Zealand enforcement agencies may be able to assist.

International registrations designating New Zealand

About IP Trade marks International International registrations designating New Zealand
By designating New Zealand, the holder or owner of the international designation can obtain protection with the same effects as a nationally filed trade mark application filed directly with us.

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