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Updates to IPONZ services during COVID-19

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Renew a trade mark

About IP Trade marks Renew
A trade mark registration can be renewed every 10 years. To maintain your registration you need to renew the trade mark by the due date.


About IP Trade marks Examination process Examination
We examine all applications to register a trade mark to make sure they comply with all the requirements of the Trade Marks Act 2002 (the Act). As well as ensuring that an application meets the legal filing requirements, the Commissioner must be satisfied that...

Notification of an industrial or international exhibition

The Journal Notification of an industrial or international exhibition
Industrial or international exhibitions recorded with IPONZ can provide an inventor or designer with the opportunity to showcase their invention or design without compromising the ability to protect their intellectual property. The process of notification is sometimes called “gazetting”. Why notify in the...

Release of information

Release of information
We provide access to documents under the legislation we administer, principally the Trade Marks Act 2002, the Patents Act 1953, the Designs Act 1953, and the Plant Variety Rights Act 1987. A large amount of the information we hold is publicly available by searching our website....


There are no joining or maintenance fees and you'll only be charged for the services you use. Become a registered user Become a registered user of our case management facility so you can manage your intellectual property. ...

Managing your inbox and cases

Support Managing your inbox and cases
Once you've logged into our case management facility, you'll go straight to your Inbox. The screen is split into the following three areas. Tasks As you move through the process of applying for and maintaining an IP case, at times you'll be required to...


About IP Plant variety rights Fees
List of fees payable for Plant Variety Rights.

Search for existing designs

About IP Designs Search
This is a guide to the use of the Search Designs Cases in our case management tool. For legal advice concerning registration of designs we recommend that you contact a patent attorney or lawyer familiar with intellectual property law.

Technical questionnaires

About IP Plant variety rights Technical questionnaires
Before you begin your PVR application, you need to fill in the appropriate technical questionnaire for your application

Maintain a design

About IP Designs Maintain
Once your design is registered, make sure it doesn’t lapse or expire by keeping the design details up to date.

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